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Getting Around - Places of Interest - Leveling Spots by Alignment


Once you are about level 10 it's time to leave the Gym. But wait, where do you go? This section will list off different places for you to continue leveling organized by alignment. Please note: It would be very wise of you to complete quests that you come across. Many of them, such as the quest from your Glyndane guildmaster to collect red kobold heads, will give you quite a a bit of experience. All directions given in this section will be given from Ethshar Market Square.


Good Alignment-

Kobold Tunnels(10+) - 11e, 2n, all down
This is a good place for beginners. The creatures aren't strong, the creatures carry things that is better than the mists gear, and it is very close to town. This area only takes you a few levels at best, but it does contain the red kobolds that your Glyndane guildmaster asks you to bring to him. They are worth 1200 xp each, a total of 5 heads, to you if your guildmaster gives you this quest. After completing that quest it is advised you move on to the Grove of Despair, as you'll be level 12 or 13.


Grove of Despair(10+) - All east, 2s, all east, 1u, 2e, 1s, 2e, 1d, 16e, 5n, 1w, 2n, 1w, 1n, 1u, 1w, 1n, 1d
This area is the most common level 10+ leveling spot for good aligned characters. It can take you all the way to level 16-18. Be wary of where you step. If you travel too far north within the grove you may run into a pair of Death Knights. They will kill you. If you use the scan command to look north before you move you will be fine. Also, don't go down anywhere here. It may lead you into a place you don't want to go either. You should start on wolves and wild dogs. You will also get a quest from the Glyndane guildmaster for this place. As you kill creatures collect all five pages they drop and save them.



Evil Alignment-

Emerald Forest(10+) - 2e, 2s, 2w, 7s, 1w, 1s, open w, 1w, 2u, 2s(Will be attacked by a boogum here) 1w
From the ending point of the directions if you're level 10 you'll want to head west into the small village . Farmers and goodwives will be your targets as they are the easiest to kill. Watch out for the bullies, if you fight in front of them they will attack you and at level 10 they will certainly kill you. Once you're done there you may be able to try pixies right off the bat. They are in the southwest corner of the forest. Another area to watch out for is on the west side youll end up under dark woods. You'll see gremlins and huntsman. The huntsman are aggressive and will attack you and you will die at this point. If you want you can work your way all the way into the low 20's here, although not many people do. The order of strength here is Farmers < Pixie < Brownie < Sprite < Dryad < Nymph < Ranger. There is quite a leap from nymphs to rangers so be careful.

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