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1. Basic Commands
2. The Rules
3. Creating Your Character
  • Stats
  • Class
  • Race
  • Alignment
  • Physical Description
  • Psychological Description
  • Rolling and Hometowns
4. Starting the Game
5. Getting Around
  • Basic Equipment
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Places to Level
6. How to Play Your Class
7. Selecting a MUD Client
8. Tips and Tricks

Creating Your Character - Roll Your Character and Hometown


Congrats! You are almost done. Once all selections in the above sections have been made you should be asked about your characters training. You have a choice of rolling stats or point sacrifice. To explain this simply, if you roll your stats it's like rolling dice. You have a chance to get the maximum roll for your race but it may take hours of rolling to achieve! Point sacrifice allows you to select 3 points to remove from the maximum roll.


I suggest for your first character you select point sacrifice. It's faster and easier. I would not suggest, however, sacrificing points in wisdom, intelligence, or constitution. These 3 stats are paramount to your character, and generally get maxed first. Keep in mind that with wisdom a score of 18 and a score of 21, except for Paladins and Clerics(Wisdom effects the strength of their magic), are essentially the same thing. 18-21 all gives 3 practice sessions per level. So if you cannot obtain 22 wisdom or over, 18 is just as good as 21. You can sacrifice points here. Strength is another place points can readily be sacrificed. Your constitution needs to be as high as possible so that when you level you have a higher chance of gaining the maximum number of hit points. The lower your constitution, the lower your hit points. Your intelligence is basically how fast you learn and how well you spellcast. Even as a warrior, as long as you have 18+ intelligence you will use 2 practice sessions(Or 1, if you have 24 int) per skill while training your character. You don't want to waste more.


So the bottom line is, sacrifice in dex and/or strength if you need to. It has no long lasting effects on your character. How to get these points back up to maximum will be covered in the Starting the Game 101 - Levels 1-10 chapter.


When you are requested to select your hometown I would suggest Glyndane or Ethshar. These are the most common towns and are very centralized in the game.


Congrats! Your character is alive!

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