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Creating Your Character - What is a Psychological Description?


Your psychological description tells of your character's beliefs, alignments, preferences, and psychological oddities. It is only viewable by you and immortals. Psychological descriptions should be completed before:
1) You apply for a House.
2) You apply for a brand.
3) You reach rank thirty.


Psychological descriptions do not need to be in any specific structure as long as they communicate your character's beliefs.
For example:
-Hates gnomes
-Eats only red meat
-Worships Rungekutta
-Grew up in the troll city of Varggin Shih


This description can change as your character develops as well. Perhaps your character is at the receiving end of a gang attack by Ancient... he or she may develop a vendetta against that House and do everything in his or her power to fight the Ancients.


-Mommy and Daddy were killed by mages so I want to be a Crusader


This will probably catch the attention of Crusader immortals and ensure that you do not become a Crusader, but this is where that sentiment would belong.


Keep in mind that immortals do view psychological descriptions. You may be judged on how you roleplay the beliefs presented in this profile or your character. Also keep in mind that it must be completed by rank thirty.


The in-game commands for creating your Psychological Description are the exact same as a physcail description. Example: "psych + " will add a line to your psychological description.

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