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Creating Your Character - Selecting Your Alignment


So you've selected a Class and a Race for your character! Excellent! By now your characters alignment selection should be simple because some alignments may no longer be available to you. Example: If you selected Paladin as your class, you must be Methodical Good. You can see what is available for that class on the classes page. Here is an example of what each alignment should act like and you should base your roleplay around:


Methodical Good: Order and organization is the way to achieve pure goodness. Planning is essential to getting things done and helping everyone live better. Evilness gets in the way and must be dealt with in an orderly fashion as deemed necessary.


Methodical Neutral: Order and organization is the biggest issue. While being naughty or nice, keep everything together as good planning and design is the way to the most efficient use of energy.


Methodical Evil: The use of society and its people for personal benefit. Structure and organization elevate those who deserve to rule as well as provide a clearly defined hierarchy between master and servant. Plan your ways and you will surely achieve greatness.


Neutral Good: A balance of forces is important, but the concerns of order and impulse do not moderate the need for good. The universe is vast and contains many creatures striving for different goals, so a pursuit of good will not upset the balance. Fostering good may mean supporting an organized society, or overthrowing the existing social order. Social structure has no innate value. Restrict yourself to neither planning nor free thought.


True Neutral: Almost impossible to find such people as the majority of people make judgments. It is their duty to see that all of the forces (evil, good, method, and impulse) remain in balance. Alliances with such people are odd, as they tend to switch sides as one side brings the other to the point of destruction.


Neutral Evil: The primary concern for such people is their own advancement. Working with others or on their own, their only interest is getting ahead. Such people are known for their 'Me, Myself, and I' personalities. No scruples, no conscience. They never stray too far towards method or impulse in their ways.


Impulsive Good: Strong individualists marked with a streak of kindness and benevolence. Goodness and right matter, but there is little use for method and planning. Their actions are morally good but may not be in perfect agreement with the rest of society.


Impulsive Neutral: There is no order to anything, even their own actions. Good and Evil are irrelevant to their actions. They are almost totally unreliable, except for the fact that you can rely on them being like this. The true coin-flipper, they rely on fate and chance to lead them.


Impulsive Evil: The bane of all that is good and organized. Planning and method are the tools of weaklings unable to fend for themselves. The strong have a right to what they want, and weak are there to be exploited. Leadership among them is based on power, with the leader capable of bullying his underlings into obedience. 'Just do it' is their motto.

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