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1. Basic Commands
2. The Rules
3. Creating Your Character
  • Stats
  • Class
  • Race
  • Alignment
  • Physical Description
  • Psychological Description
  • Rolling and Hometowns
4. Starting the Game
5. Getting Around
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  • Advanced Equipment
  • Places to Level
6. How to Play Your Class
7. Selecting a MUD Client
8. Tips and Tricks

Creating Your Character - Selecting Your Race


A "Race" is the type of creature a character is. "Human" is an example of a Race. A full list of races can be found at: /index.php?dir=2. Races, like classes, are all personal preference. By this point you should have an idea of what class you wish to be. On that classes page(The one you found on the website.) it will list what races can become the class you have chosen. Keep in mind while choosing your race that some races are better than others for certain classes. Here is an example:


Dwarf's Max Stats: Str: Mighty (22), Int: Effective (17), Wis: Enlightened (22), Dex: Agile (19), Con: Vigorous (25)


Dark-Elf's Max Stats: Str: Adequate (18), Int: Genius (24), Wis: Clever (20),


Dex: Nimble (24), Con: Hearty (17)


These two races can both be Channelers. If you haven't already looked, Channelers are one of several types of magic users. Magic users main stat is Intelligence. You should already be able to see that there is a 7 point difference between dwarves and elves concerning intelligence, and thus a dark-elf channeler would likely be more formidable than a dwarf. Be sure to investigate all the races available to become that class before you make your decision.

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