0. Forward
1. Basic Commands
2. The Rules
3. Creating Your Character
  • Stats
  • Class
  • Race
  • Alignment
  • Physical Description
  • Psychological Description
  • Rolling and Hometowns
4. Starting the Game
5. Getting Around
  • Basic Equipment
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Places to Level
6. How to Play Your Class
7. Selecting a MUD Client
8. Tips and Tricks

How to Play Your Class 101


I would like to start this section out by throwing out some general information on how to play every class. The first topic will be Mastery. Mastery is increasing your skills up beyond 75% all the way to 100%. As stated in previous sections the percentage of a skill governs how often you see success or failure and sometimes how much damage you do when using a skill. This is one of the most important aspects of playing the game. An example: The spell word of recall sends you to your hometown recall spot. You're in battle and are about to die. You cast word of recall hoping to escape battle and keep your equipment. The deciding faction in this situation may be your mastery. If the spell is still at 75% there is a likely chance that you will fail to cast the spell(lose your concentration) and die. If you mastered your spell to 100%, the odds of you failing are significantly lower.


The second topic to be discussed is wands, staves, and scrolls. All three of these items are charged with one or more spells but each of them require the skill to use. While it is possible to use them without the skill, the chance for success is nearly nill. Before you start playing any class you should check to see what skills and spells that are available to you. You can gain access to spells such as armor, sanctuary, bless, and other buff spells by finding, obtaining, and using wands, staves, and scrolls. They can also contain powerful attack spells such as fireball. If your class does not normally have access to a spell it is likely you can gain access to it through wands, staves, and scrolls. To a wand you wear it, requiring an empty hand, and use the command 'zap' to use it on your taget. "zap self" will target yourself. Staves also are required to be wielded and then "brandish"ed. Scolls do not have to be held and may be "recite"ed from your inventory. Keep in mind that these items are level based. If you have a level 50 wand and you are level 20 you can use it but the chance of success is much lower.


The final topic is very similar to the second. Potions, much like wands, staves, and scrolls, contain spells of all type. The trick to potions, however; is that they do not require a skill to use. Anyone can use them at any time. Level also does not play a faction in potions, so any level can use any potion.

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