0. Forward
1. Basic Commands
2. The Rules
3. Creating Your Character
  • Stats
  • Class
  • Race
  • Alignment
  • Physical Description
  • Psychological Description
  • Rolling and Hometowns
4. Starting the Game
5. Getting Around
  • Basic Equipment
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Places to Level
6. How to Play Your Class
7. Selecting a MUD Client
8. Tips and Tricks

Starting the Game 101


After completing your character you will be given a choice of whether you are a Returning or New player. Your choice will determine where you start. For the ease of writing this guide I will write it from the Returning side, although either choice is fine.


When you fist enter the game you will be in a room with a circle of runes and there will be one exit: North. Upon stepping north in the next rooms description will depict a skeleton pointing at some writing. Using the look command, look at the writing to get an idea of where you should go. If you can't figure it out on your own, go one step east and then three steps north from that spot.


Once you reach the temple it is time to practice your skills and train your character. Enter the command "score" and your can see your score card. This will show you what your stats are, how many practice and training sessions you have, and will give you a general idea of how well your character is armored. The first order of business is to use your training sessions. Training sessions are used to increase your stats. You should look at your CON, INT, and WIS. If your wisdom can reach 22 or 25, you should train wisdom up to that point if possible. Second is intelligence. If you can get 24 or above, place the rest of your points here. If not, anything above 18 will suffice for now. Place the rest in CON. Every 5th level(5, 10, 15, ect) you will receive 1 training session. Use these to max CON, WIS, and INT in the described fashion then STR and DEX. "train (stat)" is the proper syntax for the command.


The next part is variable for different classes. Type "prac" to see what skills are available to you. Type "prac (skill/spell)" to use a practice session on your selected skill/spell. You can also type "skills" and "spells" to see the entire list of skills/spells you will receive at later levels. 75% is the highest you can practice your skills to with practice sessions. The rest, all the way to 100%, is gained with use. The percentage is a way of seeing how good you are at that skill or spell. The higher it is, the less chance of failure you have when using the skill or casting the spell. You'll notice your selected weapon is already at 75%. If you are a mage type you should have magic missile, which you should bring to 75%. If you have access to spellcraft, you should also bring this to 75%. These are the main spells a young mage uses. Use the "help (topic)" command to see the function of any skills/spells you are curious about. For warrior types you may have access to a skill called enhanced damage. If you do, practice this to 75%. If not, your weapon skill should already be at 75% and you're ready to go. You may use the rest of your practice sessions on whatever you find interesting!


After you've practiced you will want to start walking east. Ignore the spiders, snakes, plants, and mists for now. Once you reach a hiker(Youll know when you get there because he talks to you), you've found the place you need to be. Head northward onto the trail and youll find hikers. Youll want to "look" at them to see what gear they have and use the "kill" command to attack them. If you're a warrior you should watch your health, and if you get lower than 30-40% health you should use the "flee" command to run away. If you are a mage you should use the command "cast", or "c" for short to cast your spells. An example of how to do this is "c magic" which will cast magic missile. If you have to flee to rest use the "sleep" and "wake" commands to rest your character. While sleeping your character regenerates hit points, mana, and movement points faster. The reason it is important to kill these hiker is that some gear has attributes that will raise your stats beyond what you have trained them to up to your races max. An example, if you are a giant with a 20 STR, max being 25 STR, and you put on a set of bronze bracers from the hikers your str will effectively be 22. Each bracer gives +1 str. Collect a full set of hiker gear before you gain a level if you can, as this will ensure your stats will be as high as possible when you level. Here is what the different hiker gears give you:


bronze Bracer: +1 STR
a wool cloak: +2 WIS
two pairs of copper horseshoes: +2 DEX(Centaur only)
a pair of leather sleeves: None
a leather belt: +1 CON
a pair of minotaur hoof shoes: +2 DEX(Minotaur only)
a thin cape: +1 CON
a horned leather helmet: +1 INT(Minotaur only)
a pair fo leather leggings: None
a pair of leather boots: +2 DEX
two pair of leather leggings: None(Centaur only)


**IMPORTANT** If you come to a point on the trail where it tells you to turn back do so. This will lead you into the city of Glyndane and you will not be able to return to the mists, as it is a starting area only. You aren't ready for that yet.


After you've collected a set of hiker gear feel free to kill snakes, spiders, and mists! The plants may be a bit tough for you yet, but you can try them if you like. Take your time and get the feel of the game. The mists is considered a 'maze' area because no matter how far you go west you won't go anywhere. When heading east you'll always end up on the mountain. Once you are level 3 or 4 and are comfortable enough to move on head back to the area with the hikers. Go to the point where it tells you to turn back and go northward past it. Youll end up in a spot where you can only go down, so do so! Congrats! You're in Glyndane at the Market Square. I will refer to different places through Glyndane but will not be giving specific directions. To find these places easily you can visit our forums for maps here:
/forum/index.php?t=thread&frm_id =18&S=7a19e9917edb28c886d394d0474245c7.
Simply find the post for Glyndane and click.
First order of business is to visit the General Shop. Buy a bag and 2 bladders with the "buy" command. Put them in the bag with the "put" command. Then head over to the Butcher or Baker and buy 5 pieces of food. Use the "list" command to see what types of food they sell. Note: you must be in the same room as them for "list" to work! If you run out of food on your adventures make sure you pick some more up! Before level 10 you cannot die from thirst or hunger, but after not eating or drinking will eventually kill you. It also slows your hit point, mana, and movement regeneration to almost nill. That isn't good!


After you've stocked up on goods find your way to the Gym. It's entrance can be found on the Glyndane map. Once you're there you will see a receptionist. To get into the Gym, which is where you will be leveling, you will need to get that key! If you are of good alignment you can use the "request" command to get the key. If you are neutral or evil, you will have to use the "kill" command to kill the receptionist and take the key. Unlock and enter the door to the south. You're in the gym!


The best way I can describe the gym is a 4 story building. Each floor is a hallway with 3 sets of doors east and west of each room with a stairwell in the 4th room to the south. Each time you go up a level in the gym the creatures get stronger, so as you level you'll work your way up! If you're neutral you will gain experience from killing any creature in here, but to see if you are going to be able to kill a creature you may want to use the "con" or "consider" command. Using the "con" command on a creature will give you an idea of if you will be able to defeat them or not. If you are good in alignment you will only gain experience by killing evil or neutral creatures. The evil creatures in the Gym are Draconians, Dark-elves, and Duergars. If you are evil you will also gain experience by killing anything, but will get much less for killing other evil creatures.


** IMPORTANT ** If you get lost or stuck, such as losing your key inside the gym and not being able to unlock the door to get out, you may type the "recall" command up till level 10. This will transport you to your choice of home city to your alignments altar. Find your home cities map on the forum to get your bearings or ask a player for help.


You can stay within the Gym until level 10, and being a newbie I would suggest doing so. As you level up you'll also gain access to new skill and spells. Check your "prac" list to see what you have! You can only practice at your guild master. Here's a little secret! Level 10 and below can use a special portal outside the Gym. Go to the receptionist just outside, from there go 1 north, 2 east, 1 north, and 1 east. This will bring you to the Music Guild in elvenhame. Any class can practice/train here! After level 10 you will need to find where your guild master is with the city maps. See the Getting Around - Places of Interest section for your next leveling spot!!

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