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Creating Your Character - Stats


A characters basic stats are:


STR - Strength

Strength as an attribute is a rating of your muscle mass and how strong you are. The greater the number, the stronger you are. Your strength score determines how much weight you can carry and affects how much damage you inflict with your weapon. This statistic is very important for warriors and other melee dependent classes.


DEX - Dexterity

Dexterity as an attribute is a way of telling how fast and deft you are with your bodily movements. The higher the number, the faster you are. This statistic determines how many attacks you get per round of combat, what order you fight in that round, and your ability to dodge attacks during a fight. Thieves and monks rely heavily upon this attribute to survive.


INT - Intelligence

Intelligence as an attribute determines how smart and mentally quick you are. Characters with high intelligence scores are beyond geniuses, while those with low scores can barely lace up their boots. Intelligence is the prime score of mages as it affects how much mana you gain per level, how many practice sessions you must use in order to learn skills and spells, and how hard you spells will affect your enemies.


WIS - Wisdom

Wisdom as an attribute is a reflection of your common sense and ability to understand others and their interactions. This score determines how many practice sessions you get per level. This is the prime statistic for clerics and is very important for paladins because the higher your wis, the harder your supplications will hit.


CON - Constitution

Constitution as an attribute is a measure of how healthy and robust you are. The higher the number, the more healthy you are. Characters with a low "con" score are very sickly people, indeed. Constitution affects how many hit points one gains per level, as well as when one's character dies; therefore, many strive to keep their "con" as high as possible. As a bit of a warning, if one's "con" score is reduced to 3, that character will die forever. Lastly, every time your character dies, your constitution score is reduced by 1/5th of a point. In other words, 5 deaths = minus 1 con point.



Here are a few points that you will want to remember:

18 = 2 practice sessions to fully learn a skill
24 = 1 practice session to fully learn a skill


14 or less = Gain 1 practice session per level
15-17 = Gain 2 practice sessions per level
18-21 = Gain 3 practice sessions per level
22-24 = Gain 4 practice sessions per level
25 = Gain 5 practice sessions per level


Constitution: Obtain your races maximum Con as soon as possible. This will be further covered in the Starting The Game section.

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