The Heart had Been Taken May 17, 2013 (Original PK Log)

Captain Zetta Valvatorez and Inquisitor Rosemarie Valeria, patrons of the Dome took to the Temple of the Depraved to lay waste and recapture Light's divine powers. But Nalifar, Bokor and Battle Champ, entered the realms before the two attacks could make it to the Temple's second line of defense, The Living Lava Column. He entered the realms with the two soldiers descending on the demonic swarm of locusts, the Depraved's protectors. Zetta, ferociously striking at the swarm with powerful blows, and Rosemarie, hurling the wrath of Restin.

The Captain quickly huffed his berserker chest at Nalifar, whom then promptly cast blindness on the draconian. Both attackers fled, giving the Bokor moments to prepare with summoned trolls and a chromatic aura. When the Dome fell in on the Temple in the next charge, the swarm of locusts dispersed almost immediately, leaving Nalifar in the open. Using totems to travel, he took a few sparing moments to breath, and recuperate, before going back on the defensive alongside the Living Lava Column. Nalifar equipped himself with the company of the ancestral spirit of Chevanon, trolls, and a strategy which would hamper the Dome from laying waste to the Column. Nauseating Zetta, blinding Rosemarie, both fled immediately. Zetta was the first to return- the column yelled in fury at the attack, calling for help. Nalifar struck at Zetta, then ordered his trolls to jump in the berserkers way. Using the opportunity, the Bokor kicked dirt at Zetta's eyes and struck at the Captain with all his might while Chevanon blocked multiple attempted retreats.

The Captain fled, drained two-fifths his blood. Nalifar held his ground at the Column, keeping himself prepared to defend.

The next wave was the bloodiest of the battles. When they came, Nalifar changed strategy and dirt kicked the paladin, to keep her from healing the blindness, and fled whenever Zetta was able to redirect his blows. The Bokor retained the strategy until he held only a third of his life blood and fled. And his efforts to delay the Dome paid off. Heavily. Upon his return, traveling through the totems, the demonic swarm of locusts had returned, rendering the Dome's strike on the Living Lava Column useless. The Dome fled the Temple, unable to regain their Heart, and restore divine power to the Light. Nalifar was given time to brood about the sudden attack he'd walked in on, and reached out to Rosemarie. You tell Rosemarie, 'How are the people of Thera supposed to have hope in the Dome when they only seek to banish Darkness when none are around to defend it?' Rosemarie tells you, 'Oh, we only seek to gather the heart.' You tell Rosemarie, 'Oh yes, I gathered it because Zetta refused to defend.' You tell Rosemarie, 'And now you refuse to retrieve it because the Bokor stands guard.' You tell Rosemarie, 'As does your ignorance. Your captain is a coward. I have no need to lie about that.' Nalifar barks at the idea of death, knowing if it's what happens while attempting to retrieve the Triangle, then it must be accepted. He condones the cowardice of the Dome not returning for their Heart. You tell Rosemarie, 'Darkness prevails once again as your precious heart rots upon our altar.' You tell Rosemarie, 'And all you can do is stand helplessly by until the Gods pity you and show enough mercy to once again return it to your angels.' Rosemarie tells you, 'Really, Nalifar?' You tell Rosemarie, 'Kneel down and kiss the edge of my blade and perhaps I shall show your warriors mercy as well.' You tell Rosemarie, 'It is the Darkness beginning to cloud your mind, as your heart grows weaker and weaker under my prison.'

And as if on cue, as Nalifar spoke these last words, the demonic locusts cried for help. Nalifar was able to travel to the Temple unharmed and found it empty. In a stroke of ignorant genius, he asked the Column to release the Heart, thinking he would be able to carry the it. Instead, it was released back to the Gods. With their newly returned powers, the Dome struck the Temple with force. Fleeing constantly from the Locusts to avoid the tip of Zetta's blades, the Bokor kept throwing spells of blind and nauseate to keep the Captain and Inquisitor distracted. An angel of inquisition dealt annihilating blows as he continued his disorienting defense, and at one point with only a quarter of his blood left, Nalifar fled to heal. In the assault, the Bokor managed to confuse Zetta and, while blinded, had the Captain striking at a summoned troll. Laying all his weight into bashes to slow down the berserker, the Bokor caused Zetta to give his final breath. The Captain fled when he was able, Rosemarie followed, and the assault was ended.  

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