Areas of Influence: Anguish | Atrophy | Depletion

Symbol: Unknown

Alignment: Evil

Race: Illithid

Quote: ""







Virtually nothing substantial is known about this creature from the depths of the Abyss. The only available information is a portion of a journal entry left by an ancient gnome philosopher trying to decipher the source of the Isimsiz: Anguish, Atrophy, and Depletion.


~~~An excerpt from the journal of Dingle Dander, Theran Historian~~~


--Written in very neat calligraphy--


In the beginning, there was only primordial ooze. It was not sentient yet a force compelled it to evolve. In time the ooze and life forms it spawned were forgotten as evolution led way to sentience. Mortals went on about their daily lives oblivious to the latent potential of the most base organism. Several millenia passed. Sentience gave way to intelligence. Civilizations rose and crumbled. But the unknowing ooze persisted, unfettered by the progress of "mankind". Forgotten to all, but not lost to obsolescence. Left to its own ends, the ooze was trapped in its own cycle of existence, able to feed only upon lesser organisms, seemingly for eternity.




That is what I stumbled upon. A simple rumor that hints of what took place when Lord of Eternity in his infinite malice, realized that the Unraveling of Thera would begin with the very same organism that made modern civilization. My research leads me to believe that this..thing is an amalgamation of primordial ooze imbued with the essence of evil illithid. The insidious nature of this highly intelligent blob is to consume and wither away all that is pleasurable... ---the writing is abruptly cut off here---


Oh what a fool I was! I have probed too deep! What I have learned... I cannot share! It would be the end of all Thera. This will surely be my undoing. Even as I write this--


---the handwriting become shaky and less polished--- It is confirmed. I have opened pandora's box and now its foul essence is upon me. Something horribly dark has found a way into my soul and I feel it slowly draining the very essence of my vitality even as I ..


---the handrwiting seems to change style suddenly here--- YOu thInK yOU cAAan TUrN to the LORE of the agEs to unravel the iNNer truTH of eTernitttyy? WASTE AWAY IN MY ETERNAL EMBRACE, FOOL!


A crimson-black stain has etched through the remaining parchment, and the remaining portion of the entry is blotted out completely.



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