Alrec Aeverdane, Lord of Redemption, God of the Light


Areas of Influence: Redemption, Knowledge, and Insight

Symbol: A Total Eclipse

Alignment: Methodical Good

Race: Centaur

Quote: ""






Many long years ago I sat as a child around my great-grandfather Coltraste's table and listened to the stories told of adventures in Thera. Of the Tree of Life, and of the greatness it once had. Throughout my youth I spent much time with Coltraste as he grew old in retirement. He watched as my father followed in his footsteps to serve the tree, only to die at a very young age. Years passed and my uncle took up the same mantle as our family has for generations, and set about to serve the Tree of Life.


For many long years I heard stories sent back to our homeland of uncle Belgarion's great deeds in service of the the light, and to the Tree. Though I was greatly saddened with news that the tree had been burned to the ground, I found joy in news of the Dome of Light, and my uncles now service to it. Years continued to passby, and then for a very long time I received no word of what took place in Thera. I grew worried for my uncle, until oneday a messenger arrived covered in blood, but full of much news. It was news that would nearly destroy my world and my faith.


For it was that day that I learned that Belgarion had been tricked by the Lord of Worms and turned to serve the Brethren, and death itself. I was told of battles, and hellgates, and destruction. I began to lose faith, and in my heart I was truly ashamed, for my families name would now for all time be associated with this monster that I once called my beloved uncle. I hid in shame for many long years, and I finally receied word that the final death of Belgarion had come and passed some time ago. I mourned the loss of the uncle I once knew, and prayed for the soul of the monster he had become. I still felt great shame though.


Finally after much more time had passed I felt a stirring within that the time had come to make my own path in Thera and to stop living in shame. I arrived so limited in knowledge of the land, unlike my home. I took up the mantle of the Paladin as generations before me had done, and did offer my prayers up to the Lord Adorno. For it was the Lord Adorno that my great-grandfather served as a faithful follower, and I decided to follow in the same path.


In very short time I was brought within the Dome of Light as a novice, and quickly moved up through the ranks to warrior, and then to Captain. I served as a captain for a very long time, and in that time many great events in my life did happen.


I began to speak with followers of Lord Morrbway, and found that the truth of Hope did ring in my heart. For it was Hope that brought me to Thera despite the shame that I felt. It also was an ironic twist, for I had learned that Belgarion had been tricked by the Lord of Worms in trying to offer himself as a sacrifice to restore the then mortal Morrbway's soul to his body, and to let him live once more. Little could my uncle know what lay in store for the soon to be risen star of the heavens. But yet another tie did lead me to Lord Morrbway. I met with a great struggle within myself as I had served Lord Adorno for many long years. Julianna, Talvalin, Tolinor, and Selmatyr did all speak with me on this matter as I struggled to deal with the demons of my families past.


Then I was blessed with the presence of Lord Morrbway, and we did speak at length of the redemption that I had come seeking. He did tell me very quickly that he had long ago forgiven Belgarion for what he did in his life. And that did bring some comfort to me, it was the rest of the conversation in humbly asking the Lord if he would accept my prayers that did change me forever. He knew the struggle I was going through, and helped me through it. He welcomed me with open arms, and I realized all that I had been doing since arriving was indeed leading towards not the redemption of others, but of myself and my family. That bit achieved I could now focus my full attention on the redemption of others.


Soon though a vision of darkness to come was seen, and at the heart of it stood my uncle Belgarion. He was called back from the grave by the Lord of Worms, and set once more to torment Thera. He came bearing the demons of hell, and assaulted the plains near the Dome of Light. With the combined force of Thera rallying against the demons, he was turned back. But his power had grown, he sought one thing above all others. He wanted to bring me to his side. He thought he could offer me the power of the darkness, and threatened to destroy me should I refuse.


I stood faithful to all that I have stood for, unlike he did so very long ago. In the end he did strike out at me, but bolstered by the light as I was he did fall to my blessed blade. There in the sunlight before the burnt tree of Life did he fall. And while I weep for his soul, I rejoice for Thera. It was in this moment that Lord Morrbway did appear before me to tell me that I had proven myself above all the could be expected. He told me I had much more to do, but that I would do it in a much different fashion.


In that moment I felt a great surge of Light, and I became infused with the power of the divine. There are few enough words that can truly describe such, but to say the least I had been blessed to be able to begin bringing redemption to all of Thera in a much greater way.


I still hold dear the teachings of Hope, as it is that hope that gives me the knowledge that in all beings some sliver of good remains. No matter what their deeds or their chosen path, all can be redeemed to the Light with patience and dedication. Knowledge of what is in their heart, and soul, as well as knowledge of yourself, give way to great possibilities.


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