The Houses




Ancient (DEFUNCT)
Legion (DEFUNCT)
Arcana (DEFUNCT)

Brethren (DEFUNCT)

Covenant (DEFUNCT)

Enforcer (DEFUNCT)

Empire (DEFUNCT)

Justicar (DEFUNCT)


Marauder (DEFUNCT)

Outlaw (DEFUNCT)

• Syndicate (DEFUNCT)

  Syndicate House


From beneath Thera's underground long lurked a family, bound not by blood or relation, but by goal and ideal. They watched long and hard as many different organizations that professed similarity to them came and went, all the while waiting patiently. Finally, their time had come. The hordes known as Marauder had brought enough insult to the idea of crime that Lord Rellion saw fit to remove all of those who strayed from the path he set. Having destroyed the house of Marauder, the Lord sought out the family of legend, the family that would once and for all bring Lord Rellion's vision of control to the land of Thera. With this, the Syndicate has emerged. Operating in total secrecy, the syndicate had time to hone their skills of control, organization, and strength.


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