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Theran history has always been marked by some incarnation of Order. From lawmen, to imperials, to soldiers, many have sought to mold the societies of Thera according to their own designs with varying degrees of success. The cities of Thera have born the burden of the ever shifting regimes, sometimes benefiting, often simply enduring.

Throughout the centuries of change and upheaval, the Justicars have existed. Dedicated to the simple preservation of the ideals of order, they merely observed the struggle against the chaos that always threatened to overwhelm. From their stronghold nestled in a forgotten corner of the southern continent, the Arbiters of the Justicars were ever watching and waiting, ready to step forth should anarchy seem ready to strike a fatal blow.


In time, the ebb and flow of the ancient battle of Order and Chaos did indeed swing back in discord's favor. The final incarnation of the Enforcers of Law fell prey to both overwhelming external opposition and internal struggles. Though the casino of their Outlaw enemies soon fell into ruin as well, Order had lost its last champion, and the turbulent misrule of the unchecked masses began to swallow the old and proud bastions of society. The Justicars saw, and their
ancient Arbiters knew that the void needed to be filled once and for all. They sent forth missives to all corners of Thera, gathering stern and committed fighters to rally behind their threatened cause, and calling for the best and brightest to join the Justicar ranks and resurrect a Law that would stand for all time.


Justicar will accept applications from any alignment, but their minds must reflect the self-restraint necessary to impartially enforce the Law. Those whose impulsive natures hold too great a sway over them will not be considered.


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