Nyrisia Telen'galath, the Sench of Collusion


Areas of Influence: Experiences, Memory & Time                     

Symbol: A keyhole resting within a broken glass orb

Alignment: Evil

Race: Dark-Elf

Quote: ""






 Ambitions make monsters or gods of us all. Is there a difference?

Whether Nyrisia's were conscious or driven from something deeper beyond even her own reach, the small House Telen'galath was not enough. The Underdark, while flattering, proved to become much too confining the longer she ruled as matron over her house; A house whose discord defined it more than much else. A piercing culmination of Nyrisia's own deliberate thoughts quietly struck her one day, and she rose from the Telen'galath throne for the last time. Sheathing a favored dagger into one of the flared sleeves of her robe, a limit had been shed- and house Telen'galath was left to fend for itself against an attack of a rival house. In the centuries that followed, many of that house would attempt to bring her back. But it was time for more elsewhere. So Nyrisia set both sight and foot balefully above ground.

Finding a foothold to garnish more power in Thera's Conclave of Wizardry, she rose through the ranks of apprentice and wizardress. In striking down Crusaders, she was sure to repay their favor if at any time she fell at their hands. A peculiar project occupied her time, otherwise. One she had scribed her name next to in the Tower's project annals: "Moments in Time."

The study involved the manipulation of moments and encapsulating them into small orbs of her own making. Replicas of people, their emotions; their smell, sight, touch, hearing and the locations wherein these all might ever take place- were all frozen in each orb for eternity. With this power, Nyrisia found that memories could be created and altered easily.

After years upon years in serving the Conclave, dreams began to come upon Nyrisia. After each dream, a scroll from either a hermit or sage from far-flung corners of Thera would find their way to her. Arduous quests ensued, but she was not without aid from others; fellow worshippers of Xurinos and adventurers alike. This period came to a climactic victory against the Silver Dragon's gate guards in the name of releasing her Lord from his prison. So Xurinos was released, as was the new form he had come to possess. In due time Nyrisia was branded the Sench of Chaos. While she spread her Lord's religion as best she could, the undefined thought that struck her in the Underdark yet refused to settle; and so she willed toward more power.

None too soon was it that she was made Mistress of the Tower, and her final task in that capacity was to complete her study of Moments in Time. Before and audience of scholars and divinity, she demonstrated the fruits of her project, having claimed a kinetic power over the orbs- and not just mere propriety. In the middle of her presentation, the ceremony was abruptly thrown into chaos as the orbs themselves began to whorl out of control. One by one, handful by handful, the tiny orbs began to engulf her in rapid succession. As the final orb applied itself, Nyrisia shot up into the Heavens.

And for a time, it was out of thousands of these tiny orbs that she was physically made....

For many, many years Nyrisia reigned from the Heavens over the Conclave of Wizardry with a velvet fist applied as silken iron. Whilst after she'd attained the power of a "God," she held a tournament of Champions in the Glyndane Arena one evening. The battles were intense; praise and heckling thundered from around the grounds whereon much blood had been spilled. Suddenly an aurora, miles across, flared through the night sky as quick as lightning. The Lady of Orbs was swallowed by a black hole that formed in the aurora's midst, and a darker Lady emerged in her place. Whiter than the albino the mortal Nyrisia ever was, a curious keyhole lie etched in her fair skin. This darker Nyrisia was fathoms more powerful than she which the black hole had swallowed.

Nyrisia of Time, as she was to be known. And she too ruled the Conclave for ever more years after what mortality could only explain to have been a split of Her. None know whether her Orbed counterpart had cleverly escaped into the black hole, or if Nyrisia of Time had let her fall in; but in due time it were as though the interpretation is intended to be neither one way or the other. For after centuries of having been "split," a storm-giant aeromancer served as an appropriate medium through which both Nyrisias would merge back into one. An elven enchantress was the Lady Orb's latest disguise, the storm-giant's own wife. This was a story all its own, but is hardly relevant to my point of interest. In the Shrine of Memories, the storm-giant joined hands with his wife, and Nyrisia of Time. In a blinding eruption of light, in a painfully quaking vibration that neraly split the ground they three stood on, the Lady Orb(who'd been in hiding,) was no more; and neither was Nyrisia of Time. They'd become one.
Later to become Nyrisia, the Sench of Collusion.

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