Nyrisia Telen'galath, the Intriguted Orb


Areas of Influence: Experiences and History                     

Symbol: Orb of Memory

Alignment: Evil

Race: Dark-Elf

Quote: ""






 Nyrisia's life had a cause from the start. She was to free Lord Xurinos from the Void which the Silver Dragon Lord Dielantha had confined him to. Nyrisia was resolved to complete the task by any means necessary.

Her story begins as a Drow Matron Mother of house Telen'Galath. The house was small and unstable, so Nyrisia took to Thera to obtain a larger following and power. She found that power within the Conclave of Wizardry.

She quickly rose through the ranks of apprentice and wizard. Following the path of many mages before her, she struck down Crusaders as they would do the same to her. Upon entrance to the Tower, Nyrisia took on a required project: Moments in Time.

She began by making small orbs which were filled with an event; replica people and places were frozen within that orb forever. By doing this, memories could be created and diverted easily.

Nyrisia then began to take caution in examining all around her, looking for those that held the same regard for Lord Xurinos as herself. Her moments in time would serve as a byway to the release of Xurinos.
After a long bout of servitude, Nyrisia began to have dreams. These dreams were followed by several notes from different muses from around Thera. After several difficult quests which included several other Xurinos worshippers and other mortals, a large battle ensued against the Silver Dragon's gate guards. A bit of blood was shed, but in the end, the Lord Xurinos was released, and a new form he had undertaken.

Nyrisia was soon branded as a Sench of Chaos. She spread the new religion as best she could, but was not completely satisfied. She wanted more.

With her Lord free, Nyrisia took to empowering herself further. By this time, she was the Leader or Mistress of the Conclave Tower. Her final task would be to fully complete her Moment project. By some odd experiment or two, she found a way to control the orbs in a way beyond her years. The orbs did not take well to the experiment, and over came Nyrisia in a ceremony she had called. The orbs engulfed her, and shot her into the Heavens.

Nyrisia is no longer the albino drow she once was, instead, she is composed of thousands of tiny orbs. She still resides over the Conclave and seeks those who value experiences and history, as well as creativity.

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