Areas of Influence: Death, Decay, Corruption                    

Symbol: An Amber Crescent Moon

Alignment: Evil

Race: Draconian

Quote: ""








Rungekutta was once a mortal; a magus in the service of the House of Arcana, leading it to glory alongside Lord Riallus, who is now the Lord of Neutrality. As a mortal, he studied the path of Necromancy working tirelessly to extend his life through the process of lichdom. His research brought him knowledge of the universes deepest secrets, and an understanding of death, life and unlife beyond that of any mortal. He always sought to learn more, finally giving his mortal body up to live out eternity as a lich. He sought the advice of the legendary Nel'Shadan in the lands of Nightfall, but instead of finding a contemporary, he found a crazed entity, driven mad by centuries of sloth and isolation.


Seeing the false eternity lichdom offered, he renewed his studies into the workings of the universe, finally impressing the Pantheon enough with his knowledge that they granted him a place among them. In exchange, he utilized his unique understanding of the universe to shape it as the heavens deemed appropriate. Now he is the Lord of Worms; patron and master of all the forces of Decay and Corruption in the world. His power stems from the inherent impurity of all living things; all things rot, whether physically or through hypocrisy regarding their beliefs. So long as men betray each other or flesh rots, the Lord of Worms shall flourish.


He is also the deal-maker; he offers power and forbidden knowledge to all that will pay. The only currency he will accept, however, is that of souls. Those who seek to follow him should be prepared to offer their souls unto him; it is rumored that those who accept his blessing are granted life eternal. Those of any path may request his mark, but those who are not of the Darkness must prepare to suffer the consequences for abandoning their path to follow that of the Lord of Worms, thereby giving themselves to Darkness.

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