Areas of Influence: Chaos and Creativity                     

Symbol: Chaos

Alignment: Impulsive Neutral

Race: Grey-Elf

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"The Void exists in the space between every particle in the multiverse, within the tiniest sliver of time between each thought, crumbling away at all Creation to return to its natural state. The Void rejects the forces of Order, degrading all that is Structure."

-- Divine Genesis 2:4-6


Little is known of the Chaos religion, even by its own followers. This is attributed, according to some scholars, to the primary aspect of Chaos, but the Book of Divine Genesis suggests that there is at least some structure. The few who have been branded by Xurinos have exhibited strong creative traits, presenting their chosen art to the world in every action. Finally, it is noted that Xurinos has little tolerance for fools, similar to his previous incarnation.

There is some discussion of the philosophy, and the consensus is as follows. Chaos represents the unknown, whereas Order offers a comfortable stability. Chaos is a process of change, where Order strives for solid perfection. Chaos spawns life and growth through challenge, and Order forces all things into specific arrangements, removing challenge with answers; Order results in stagnation and death. All existence holds elements of Chaos and Order, and individuals who are more open to Chaos are those that typically show the ability to think outside of given structures, promote change and challenge, and show exceptional creativity, yielding organic beauty in form and expression.

It is rumored that obtaining the favor of the Scion of Chaos is equal parts worth and luck.

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