Styx Bavarakis, Dread Lord of the Dark


Areas of Influence: Power and Influence                    

Symbol: A Gold Coin Imprinted with an Iron Fist

Alignment: Evil

Race: Dark-elf

Quote: ""






" Cold as a dying man's breath who is
Lost and alone in the white abyss
The soul of the pilgrim precarious
That seeks for his Dread Lord Styx"

An Excerpt From an Interview with Lord Styx
By an Author Unknown


R: Many rumors circulate the lands as to your origins, Lord. Can you shed some light on your past for the inquisitive souls of the land?

S: To those who ask my origins, I say how can a god have origins? How can one explain that which has always been and will always be. There is no probable way to begin. There were four in the beginning. Three now remain. The goddess Xyza, the foolish Thrym, the chaotic Awrathre..and myself. The darker part they would rather forget. Awrathre lost his faith and was hurled from the heavens. Now we three reside on the thrones, preserving the balance.

R: You speak of the balance of the lands, but how can there be a balance when one of the highest gods thrones remains cold and empty?

S: I speak of the balance of good and evil, not chaos and law. Through the levels of the pantheon, we have many views present. Many beliefs that ultimately balance each other. Thus preserving the balance between law and chaos.

R: We've gotten off subject..I apologize. You say you always have been and always will be. But in the realm there is evidence of you being a mortal?

S: There is. How can a god not enjoy his creation? I chose to take mortal form for a brief period. I upset the balance...and thus ascended again to the thrones.

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