Areas of Influence: Magic and Wisdom                     

Symbol: A Blue-Green Lemniscate

Alignment: True Neutral

Race: Grey-Elf

Quote: ""








Xyza was one of the original four deities to emerge from the dark mists at the beginning of recorded time (or at least at the time we consider recorded history began). She was never mortal, never born, will never die, although she can be weakened as history has shown. Taking the form of a small female grey-elf caught in time somewhere between childhood and maturity, Xyza has loved the grey-elven race most of all, though she is fascinated with mortals of all races. This fascination led to her giving the Gift of Magic to mortals, with an ancient hope of bringing the various mortal races higher on the evolutionary scale than mere beasts, that they may grow in intelligence and wisdom and approach the planes of immortality. In the early days she was seen to walk the lands and talk to mortals as if she were one of them and even fell in love with a mortal long ago. That mortal sought to marry her under the rules of mortal marriage and put restraints upon her that she could not abide. A trial was held to determine whether any of the gods could marry a mortal. The gods ruled against it, citing the bonds of marriage being too confining to immortality. Thus only an immortal, understanding immortality may marry another immortal. The chaotic god Thrym took advantage of the ruling and married Xyza keeping her from the reaches of any other, but the marriage was not a happy one, and at some point dissolved. Xyza never sought such a relationship again.


Xyza blessed the great mages of the realms and gave them the Crystal of Power to help focus their minds and abilities with magic. The House of Arcana was built and the great ArchMages roamed the world, sometimes aiding, sometimes hurting. In time, several of them achieved what Xyza sought through her Gift, and they now abide within the heavens. Later in the history of the great ArchMages, a Knightly Order of the Lemniscate arose with Xyza's blessing. They helped to defend the ArchMages against the tide of the Neverending Crusades. The ArchMages grew prideful and arrogant, and they turned their backs on her, bringing her down to their level in their thoughts and deeds. Xyza abandoned the House of Arcana, and soon after, Lords Darkwood and Gryleth led the Neverending Crusades to a destructive victory over the House, Darkwood smashing the Crystal of Power and cleaving the golden altar in half. With the shattering of the Crystal of Power, magic became more difficult to use, and for a number of generations, mages were rare because the use of magic was not as easy as in former times. At this time, Xyza went into seclusion concentrating upon maintaining the Weave which had begun to weaken with the destruction of the Crystal of Power.


Eventually, the shards of the Crystal of Power were gathered, and the Crystal was remade. Xyza set it within the Vortex of the Magical Weave, the very center of the source which she maintained. With the renewal of the Crystal, magic became, again, easy to control and more mortals chose to learn the
art. At this time, various guilds increased their curricula and many more mortals joined the guilds to learn the art. Soon the majority of the population of Thera was practicing magic. This brought about a terrific strain upon the Magical Weave, forcing Xyza to work that much harder to keep it strong so that the gods could maintain the world. While it seems that such a strain should not be possible, since Xyza gave the Gift to all mortals way back in the beginning times of history, the population of Thera was much smaller at that time than in the present and the strain upon the Weave and the Lady is that much greater today than formerly.


As time passed, the Lady of Magic was forgotten. Her Gift was used and abused, her name was cursed, and her following, once popular, diminished. Lord Rungekutta took from the Weave and created a new weave of his own, one twisted to his will. He used magic from this twisted weave and granted the powers of darkness to those who were known as the Brethren of the Nine Hells, who opened gates to the Hells and brought forth demons. This further weakened the Weave, and also the Lady herself, but for a few wearing her mark, she was all but forgotten.


As of this writing, her religion seems on the verge of a rebirth. She is still rarely, if ever, seen by mortals. Some attribute this to her endless toiling with the Magical Weave to keep it from collapsing, and others claim it to be her displeasure with mortals for their arrogance and pride.


Known interchangeably as the Lady of Magic, the Source of All Magic, The One True Spell, or Mother of All, Xyza remains a mystery to most, keeping secret what Truths she knows, and leaving it to mortals to learn on their own and evolve until they may join her in the heavens. Relative to the population
of Thera, few achieve this level of wisdom and knowledge. The symbol of the Lemniscate (an 8 on its side, also known to some as the lazy-eight) is symbolic of the infinite. To the consternation of most, she has long taken on many feminine qualities, some of which are considered detrimental to any harmonious relationship with her.

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