Riallus WindGust


Areas of Influence: Integrity, Neutrality, Patience

Symbol: A Rising Phoenix

Alignment: Neutral

Race: Human

Quote: "May your magic never fail."

              "Everyone else is dumb but us."






Riallus WindGust is the Lord of Virtue, Justice, Knowledge and Neutrality. Born in the city of Ofcol on the coldest day ever recorded, he began early in his studies of the mystical art of elementalism. In time, he grew to be the most adept and most powerful among this group, and in light of this fact and his strong devotion to magic, he was given entrance into the House Arcana, and became one of the first ArchMages to walk Thera. Time passed, and Riallus became a fierce learner of the Art and an unfailing servant to the Mistress Xyza. As a result, he was given the honor of being one of the first two leaders of the House Arcana. Along with his fellow magus, Lord Rungekutta, and the guidance of the Lady, Riallus sought to strengthen the presence of magic and of the Arcana House in Thera. He did both.


Years passed, and the Lord learned more and more about the world around him and the universe around it. During this time, he came to realizations of certain facts of mortal nature and was able to come up with a list of virtues and principles that he felt could guide anyone to greatness. In time, his power and knowledge of magic grew such that his spells began to mimic those of the immortals themselves. He still continues in a remote tower to decipher the secrets of reality that shall one day be his...


As one who is truly neutral, Riallus often acts as a judge of people and events to determine their merit. He believes in structure to mediate the balance, and has no use for those with unstructured thoughts. Being that he has devoted to the seeking of knowledge, he believes that neutrality is the only place to be, and that it gives him a unique insight into the world around him: Being able to see both sides. He is the patron of magi everywhere, and enjoys watching people discover what he has known for years. Riallus is also a devoted servant to his Lady Xyza and will forever act in the best interest of Therans and Magic. He encourages questions from anyone, anytime, and will answer them to the best of his ability.

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