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• Minotaur



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Size: Large
Experience Penalty: 300
Possible Alignment(s): Good, Neutral, Evil


Possible Class Types:   Warrior, Cleric, Paladin, Anti-Paladin, Ranger

Attributes (Maximum Potential):
Str: Mighty (23), Int: Effective (17), Wis: Enlightened (23),
Dex: Agile (20), Con: Robust (22)

Inherent Abilities: ramming

With the head of a bull and the body of a human, minotaurs are a race of mortals that have long walked the lands. Originally the result of a bizarre mating, minotaurs have long forgotten that origin and are a race in their own right and often bludgeoning to death anyone who would dare bring that up. They are completely covered by a fine layer of hair that ranges in color from dusky brown to black. The length of their coats mark from which climate they hail from, shorter haired minotaurs coming from hotter regions, while their cousins from the north have evolved with longer hair to keep in precious body heat. Long horns grace their heads and are often adorned with carvings, paintings or runes.

Said to be some of the most militaristic culture in all of Thera, minotaurs were born to be warriors. With a body to match, minotaurs do indeed excel in those guilds where physical prowess is prized. With their deep wisdom and deep spirituality they also make excellent supplicators. The reverence placed on the clerical arts separates their societies along lines that have nothing to do with good or evil, but 'warriors' and 'supplicators.' The priestly classes almost always are in command either directly or behind the scenes. It is not odd to find minotaurs of all walks of life living together.

Though physically tough, their drawbacks are their inability to handle loud noises, mental attacks and charm spells. Vivisectionists say all three stem from their lack of proper bones in their middle ear. Others say it is a curse from the heavens. Either way, these weaknesses are usually easily ignored when comparing them to their ability to take less damage from weapons of metal. Their cloven hooves make them slightly clumsy, but extensive training has lessened this deficit.





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