Dark Elf
• Illithid



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Size: Medium
Experience Penalty: 450
Possible Alignment(s): Evil


Possible Class Types:   Channeler, Nightwalker, Necromancer, Elementalist

Attributes (Maximum Potential):
Str: Adequate (17), Int: Genius (25), Wis: Enlightened (21),
Dex: Nimble (22), Con: Hearty (17)

Inherent Abilities: psionic blast, flying, infrared

Resistances: mental, magic, charm
Vulnerabilities: fire, light

The history of the Illithids was well documented by the historian Thomas Wright around 1000 years ago, too bad he was a mindless slave of the mind-flayers at the time and was fed to a group of bugbears shortly after. Little is truly known about Illithid society, but what knowledge we do possess has been pieced together from more fanciful tales than fact. It is known that the Illithid race centers itself about a central brain entity, but not a trace of this being has been seen. Little else is known about the Illithids except that every encounter with them has lead to death and destruction. Never speaking a word the creatures have communicated one thing very clearly...their hatred of all other races. Since they have let themselves be known to Therans, it has been noted that Illithids who were influenced to live a life of balance or goodness cannot perform magical incantations.

Illithids stand about 6' tall with hideous mauve skin that glistens with slime. Their heads resemble an octopus, with white pupilless eyes and four tentacles protruding from where a mouth would normally be. The creature has three fingers and a thumb on each hand; its fingers have a reddish cast, though the rest of the hand is mauve. It is unknown how these creatures reproduce or if they even have different sexes. Illithids have weak bodies, but their mysterious ability to affect the minds of others is said to be unstoppable. One Psionic Blast from an Illithid can incapacitate a victim enough to turn the tide of a battle. They are capable of flight through psionic levitation, and are resistant to all types of mental attacks, as well as magical effects. These attributes make them some of the most powerful magi in all of Thera yet their weak bodies prevent them from taking part in any "warrior" guilds. Having evolved far beneath the Thera's surface, light is one of their true banes, and it is said they cannot abide the warmth of flame.




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