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Many years ago, an organization known as the ArchMages of Arcana , hailed as the supreme sorcerers of the realm, fought against the powers that would seek to destroy and wipe out mortal magic in the world of Thera.

Though their cause was righteous, and spawned some of the greatest magic users in the realm including Rungekutta, Xurinos, Cirdan, Riallus, Lestregus, Wicket, Fevrea, and many other legends, they were not immune to failure. Eventually, egotism and in-fighting caused them to lose the patronage of the Mistress of Magic, and allowed their enemies, Darkwood and the Crusaders of Valor, to destroy their organization and home.

Many years passed. And the practitioners of magic faced an uncertain and fractured future. With the strength of the Crystal of Power gone, the Crusaders of Valor became a nearly unstoppable force, ferreting out the last strongholds of the ArchMages, and sentencing magi to death. Time passed, and the weave grew weaker. Soon, The Brethren, led by the rogue Lord of Death, appeared and strove to eliminate both the weave and the Mistress permanently.

Still, somehow, magic survived. Weakened and fractured, but still alive. The storm of The Brethren abated, and the Crusades left many practicing in secret, or constantly on the run. Time passed, and the people gradually lost hope that they would ever see the likes of a House of Arcana again.

Then, the tales say, the Lord Riallus finally deciphered the final secret of the universe, instantly existing in all times, in all places, and achieving supremacy equal only to the most powerful of Gods. Seeing the state of his true love, Magic, suffering in the world of men, the Lord was able to lend his strength to the weave, and set plans in motion to once again create a group of sorcerers to guide the realms of mortal sorcery.

The result of those plans is The Conclave of Wizardry, or simply, CONCLAVE. The Conclave is a group of elementalists, necromancers and channelers united together by their love and devotion to magic and the hope of seeing it prosper and proliferate in the world. Guided by the Lord of Magic himself, and residing in the fabled Hourglass Tower, the Conclave serves as head of the efforts to organize and unite the forces of magic to bring about a renaissance.

The Conclave consists of three branches and three levels of administration. The Circle of Dawn includes members of the wizarding community who follow the path of light and goodness. The Circle of Twilight are brought together by their belief in balance in neutrality. The Circle of Night exists for those who follow the dark path. At the lowest level of administration are the Conclave members, they act as the icons of wizardry, and assist in any way possible to realize the goals of the Conclave. At any one time, each Circle can have up to 6 basic Conclave members, and no more. At the first administrative rank are the ArchWizards. They are those who have proven themselves in the eyes of Lord Riallus to take a greater leadership role in the Conclave. In each Circle, there can be two, and only 2 ArchWizards at any one time. Finally, from the 6 ArchWizards, Lord Riallus will choose one individual to act and speak for the Conclave in all mortal matters. He will be the one designated as The Master of the Tower.

The first round of Conclave inductions has been completed. We do not accept applications. There is only one route into the Conclave, which shall be revealed once all ArchWizards and a Master of the Tower has been chosen.

There will be STRICT requirements to become an affiliate of the Conclave of Wizardry, and those who are members have indeed earned a place of esteem. There will be no applications necessary, so do not send them. Nor will you be asked to go on any quests. NOR WILL MASTERY OF YOUR ABILITIES BE REQUIRED. PERIOD.

Those who wish to support the Conclave and live by its edicts as they apply to their wizarding lives may join a clan that will be affiliated with the Conclave. Those who are not wizards but who are sympathetic to the Conclave and its work may also join this clan, which will be designated soon. 




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