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Size: Medium
Experience Penalty: 500
Possible Alignment(s): Good


Possible Class Types:   Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Monk, Channeler, Elementalist

Attributes (Maximum Potential):
Str: Adequate (18), Int: Genius (25), Wis: Clever (20),
Dex: Nimble (23), Con: Hearty (17)

Inherent Abilities: awareness, forest blending, archery, sneak, infrared

Resistances: charm, fire
Vulnerabilities: iron

Elven blood runs deep in the heart of Theran forests as a race of tall and slender humanoids averaging six and half feet in height. Often fair of skin with long faerie-like features, pointed ears, and fine hair, describes a race of beings whose attributes are often referred as beautifully ethereal. Their hair ranges from golden blonde hues through the reddish tones and on towards light brown while their eyes are usually green or blue. On rare occasions, some are seen with gray eyes which pierce the veil of the soul. Set in an almond shape, their eyes are large and doe-like, while their hair tends to be long and natural.

Because of their close relationship to nature and their long lives, reaching venerable ages measured in the centuries, they have become very accustomed to working the tapestry of the Weave. They excel in professions capable of harnessing the secrets of magical incantations. Having cultural ties with all woodland beings, they have been able to hone their movements down to a whisper often going unnoticed amongst others They have achieved a great affinity for the darkness of the woods, and by their magical nature can see in the dark as if the sun were at its brightest. Being less affected by charms, for they have a close relationship with faerie kind, their love of elemental magic has given them an unnatural resistance to even the most potent of fiery displays. This elemental bond comes with a price, however, for they are susceptible to cold wrought iron, the very metal itself is a bane on the mystical flesh of these creatures.

Elven nature and disposition is rooted in the foundations that formed the Dark Mists thousands upon thousands of years ago. The Elven culture is as ageless as the Mists themselves, having been one of the first races to evolve from the will of the Immortals during Thera's First Age. They are so close to nature that many of their religious tendencies are formed by ideologies that mirror their natural world. The race in general, tends to be distant and aloof of the dealings of other races whose lives tend to burn for a brief time. Their homes, their clothing, and their life styles are intertwined with the growing world, causing elves to be patient, find beauty in diverse settings, and attend to artistic endeavors. Because of this cultural heritage, ideas of evil never cross their minds, nor do they see life in a neutral context, for they believe that all this continuity is for the good of life itself, and as such, all Elves are graced by the continued blessings of the Light. Those who behold the evils of other societies, or creatures so profoundly in the throws of darkness are normally compelled to destroy it. To allow such an existence to taint the natural world around them would be to stain themselves in stagnation and death. Those who do succumb to the base desires of evil and darkness, and even the very few who attempt to do nothing and ignore the ways of their soul, are denied the blessings of the light and find themselves unable to commune with nature as they once did before. This can make a powerful magi destitute of his capability to harness the weave, or a warrior true to the cause of light to fall from grace blanketed by darkness so great, that even the simplest prayers go unheard. To be an Elf, is to be attuned to the good in everything.




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