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• Dwarf



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Size: Medium
Experience Penalty: 500
Possible Alignment(s): Good, Neutral, Evil


Possible Class Types:   Warrior, Thief (Highwayman, Ninja, No-sub), Cleric, Paladin, Anti-Paladin, Ranger, Channeler, Elementalist, Necromancer

Attributes (Maximum Potential):
Str: Mighty (22), Int: Effective (17), Wis: Enlightened (22),
Dex: Agile (19), Con: Vigorous (25)

Inherent Abilities: berserk, infrared

Resistances: poison, magic
Vulnerabilities: drowning

The history of the dwarven race goes back as far as the mountains themselves; so say the dwarves. Most historians do place the origins of this race before recorded time. In their evolution dwarves became specialized to their environment. Short, stout, very strong and with great stamina, most dwarves make their homes in either mountains or hills with smaller clans living in the forests or the occasional family living in a city. Dwarves are separated into hill dwarves and mountain dwarves. Though the dwarves who walk the light and the grey paths go by no special name, for they call all dwarves as some sort of kin, the duergar, those dwarves who walk the dark path, keep to themselves. A dwarven clan is a very complex society and is usually so large that one clan itself can occupy an entire city. The cities of the dwarves are a testament to their amazing craftsmanship of stone and are intricate affairs of carved rock set in different compositions.

Their average height is four and a half feet, and some are almost as wide as they are tall. Dwarven skin color ranges from alabaster white to brown to the near black. Almost all, including most of the females, have beards. These beards are often a mark of pride for most dwarves, kept long and braided with some that are even oiled and perfumed. Their bodies, stout and usually thick with muscle and fat, make them one of the least nimble races in the lands.

Dwarves make excellent warriors, priests and paladins though they are accepted into quite a few other guilds. Their great wisdom and almost legendary hardiness allows them to excel in most professions. Dwarves may be of any alignment. They are resistant to magic, but they are terrible swimmers and are susceptible to drowning. Like most underground dwelling races, they see very well in the dark. They have been known to lose their tempers from time to time, a rage that causes them to be stronger in battle less cautious in defense.




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