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Size: Medium
Experience Penalty: 300
Possible Alignment(s):
Good (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Brass)
Neutral (Pearl, Crystal, Opal, Diamond)
Evil (Green, White, Blue, Black, Red) 


Possible Class Types:   Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Paladin, Anti-Paladin, Ranger, Channeler, Nightwalker, Necromancer, Elementalist

Attributes (Maximum Potential):
Scale Color Str Int Wis Dex Con
Gold Mighty (23) Genius (24) Clever (19)  Brisk (18)  Energetic (20) 
Silver Mighty (22) Astute (19) Visionary (24) Agile (19) Energetic (20)
Bronze Mighty (23) Brilliant (21) Clever (19) Agile (19)   Robust (22)
Copper Mighty (21) Astute (20) Enlight'd (22) Agile (19) Robust (22)
Brass Mighty (22) Effective (19) Aware (19) Nimble (23) Robust (21)
Green Mighty (23) Brilliant (23) Clever (20) Brisk (18) Energetic (20)
White Mighty (22) Astute (19) Clever (19) Nimble (22) Robust (22)
Blue Mighty (21) Genius (24) Enlight'd (22) Brisk (18) Energetic (19) 
Black Mighty (23) Genius (24) Clever (20) Brisk (19)  Hearty (18)
Red Titanic (24) Astute (20) Clever (19) Agile (19)  Robust (22)
Pearl Adequate (19) Genius (24) Enlightened (22) Agile (20)  Hearty (17)
Crystal Titanic (24) Simple (17) Aware (18) Agile (22)  Robust (23)
Opal Adequate (19) Brilliant (23) Brilliant (24) Agile (20)  Robust (18)
Diamond Mighty (23) Astute (19) Effective (18) Swift (24)  Robust (20)

Inherent Abilities:   breath attack

The product of dragon eggs and dark magic, draconians originally walked the paths of darkness and deceit. It was only centuries later that the original curse that twisted and warped their bodies and minds was lifted and they become a viable and thriving race in Thera. Just like their fore-bearers, draconians can only walk in the light or dark, with those walking the grey, losing much.

Draconians are roughly human sized dragons with hard scales and sharp talons for fingers. They are generally shorter than six feet with most averaging 5 1/2'. Most are solidly built and weigh over 200 pounds. Stubby tails along with large leathery wings help them to keep their balance. With short snouts and solid black or red eyes, they look more like lizards than their dragon ancestors but the overlapping scales mark them as dragon-kin.

They retain some of the abilities of their ancestor dragons, such as breath attacks and other character traits. Draconians can be of any alignment, relating to the color of their scales. Due to their very hard outer skin, all draconians are resistant to slashing attacks. Their ancestry leaves them vulnerable to the cold with but 2 exceptions, the white and silver draconians whom are both used to living in the colder climates. Each type of draconian is able to breath forth a powerful cone of elemental power, be it fire, ice, or lightning. The gold and green are unique in that they can breath forth a cloud of noxious fumes.

Draconian culture revolves around the nurturing and care of their young. One of the few sentient races to lay eggs, they are highly protective of their offspring and both sexes will defend these broods to the death. The culture also places a high importance on fraternity and learning often times putting aside differences in path of heart for a common goal.




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