• Dark Elf

Dark Elf


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Size: Medium
Experience Penalty: 500
Possible Alignment(s): Evil


Possible Class Types:   Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Anti-Paladin, Channeler, Nightwalker, Necromancer, Ranger (Beast Master, Hunter, No-sub), Elementalist
Attributes (Maximum Potential):
Str: Adequate (18), Int: Genius (24), Wis: Clever (20),
Dex: Nimble (24), Con: Hearty (17)

Inherent Abilities: globe of darkness, faerie fire, sneak, faerie fire

Resistances: charm, cold
Vulnerabilities: iron

During the First Age of Thera, as the Elven Nation proliferated throughout the lands, turmoil ensued within the cultural and religious ideology of the Elven people. As their civilization grew, some of the Elven people became bored with their traditions. With the creation of shorter lived races they became more involved in the diversification of an outsider's ways. This lead to strife amongst the Elders and the people under their rule began to split in their differences. In truth, it became such that the nature of the Elven race saw the tell-tale signs of evil brewing within their kind. This was to lead to a migration of the Elves that adhered to the dark. It was in actuality more of an exile from the forests of their youth to the only place within the world that the Elven race loathed to go...the UnderDark of Thera. The tunnels and deep caverns, places so devoid of light that you could not see your own fingers an inch from your face, became their home, and soon after, became their curse. As eons rolled out, they changed, becoming something else, another aspect of Elven kind known as the Dark-elves, the counter part to all that is good within Elf kind.

The Darkness changed their fair complexion to inky night. They bent their minds and nature to the darkness empowering themselves with an aptitude for thievery and the dark arts of magic. As fey and beautiful as their light elven kindred, except quite often that beauty hides a great malice. They retained and refined their magical nature to perform innate power over darkness itself, and an affinity with faerie fire, the only light source which had no adverse affects on their sensitive eyes. Their hair became stark in comparison to their surface brethren, either as black as the skin of their decadence, or as white as the pallor of a corpse. Their eyes, all the more infused by their dark environment with infravisional capabilities, brought on a change in their eye color, from the spark of red based in black irises, to a rare violet, seen on very few within their ranks. Because of the years of living in the cramped recesses under Thera, they evolved shorter than their surface cousins, ranging at about 5' 5" for males and 5' 7" for females, still with slender forms, yet having honed their nimbleness to a fine art. Not as wise as the elders of the Elven Race, they make up for it in more dexterous ways. Still under the roots of dark magic, they have retained their resistances to magical charms and are still as susceptible to iron as their cousins.

The cultural and religious ideas that changed their very lives are deeply meshed in dark incantation and evil practices. The very notion of mentioning their kind brings fear into the hearts of the most stalwart adventurers. Delving deeply into the ways of death, torture, and assassination, their society is one of paranoia and hatred for what was done to them by the Elves of the surface world. A hierarchical society overshadowed by the constant threat of eradication by a rival clan whose ultimate goal is to please the forces that bind them to darkness.




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