• Centaur
Dark Elf



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Size: Large
Experience Penalty: 400
Possible Alignment(s): Good 


Possible Class Types:   Warrior, Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Elementalist

Attributes (Maximum Potential):
Str: Mighty (24), Int: Effective (17), Wis: Clever (18),
Dex: Agile (20), Con: Robust (22)

Inherent Abilities: rear kick, enhanced damage, kick, door bash

Half men, half horse, all brute power. Centaurs are a race known for their ability to hold their own in battle. They are one of the larger races in Thera, generally falling between 18 to 22 hands, including the humanoid torso, and weighing easily over a ton. It is not too uncommon to find the equine portion to range in color from bay, black or brown to chestnut. Roans, a solid body color with white hairs throughout the coat, are found more commonly from the centaurs of the Southern Continent. Tails almost always are black. Their human parts also range in skin color like the humans which they are said to descend from, although centaur history strongly disagrees with this notion.

Excelling in maximizing the damage they can dish out, bashing doors and caring for nature, centaurs make excellent warriors and rangers. They also have the ability to whip about in battle and land a bone crunching rear kick. Their affinity for nature led a few to study the art of elemental magic and their love of the light led even more to the clerical and paladin schools. Their thick hide affords a greater protection to attacks from blunt weapons and their affinity for nature gives them a boost toward stopping charm spells. Centaurs must stay on the path of good to retain their spell casting abilities and those who turn from this are punished harshly.

Centaurs generally live in large clans from which they have strong family bonds. An elder presides over most factions, as most centaur clans revolve around respect for their superiors. Even though they have strong clan ties, it not uncommon to find centaurs living solitary lives to study nature.




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