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  Ancient House

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Over the ages a single organization has dominated and controlled much of Theran politics. Through subtle machinations or outright acts of violent brutality, this group of dark minded individuals has been a force to be reckoned with. All the while they have been lead by the hands of the Dark Lords, never truly understanding the reason nor the path that they were led down. Millenia had come to pass, empires rose and fell, nearly all the world had changed, yet this house of dark hunters remained unphased.. unchanged. For it had seemed that Dark Lords that once actively guided these rare shadowwalkers had deserted them and left them to their own vices. But that was not the case. It was within the annals of these millenia that the Dark Lords brooded over the fate of their chosen. For lifetime upon lifetime, these assassins have fed the furnaces of the Dark Lords hate and greed. These assassins have, willingly or unwillingly, raised the Dark Lords above that of Lords of Light through their hunting and deathbringing. How should the Dark Gods reward their faithful servants, the Ancients? A compromise was reached amongst the Dark Lords to gift upon them the 'Blessing of Saddussars', a rite so unholy and dispesicable, that all other mortals blanch at the mere mention of it. It is the Kiss of quasi-immortality. The Bane of the living.

The Ancients would be raised upon high for their service, as was promised to them millenia upon millenia ago. The Ancients are to be exalted and granted the power that will allow them to smother the lands from corner to corner with their Dark Power. They will break the land with their might. All in their sight will be as they were meant to be... prey and food. Prey are the ones that consider themselves powerful, invincible, above each and every living thing. These are the true targets for the Ancients fangs. These powerful ones pose the greatest threat to the surivival of the house at large and should be culled with the greatest and most brutal methods possible. The weak.. the sheep... are nothing more than food for the Ancients as they hunt for their true prey. They are not a threat, merely scenery in the journey of life and are to be summarily ignored, unless they seek to rise above their station and gain the attention of the Ancients. This of course is not to be tolerated and thus they must be taught their lesson.

"All that lives can and will die."


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