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  Valor House



Many years have past since the Knights of Valor last were seen throughout the land. But the Knights have always answered the call, when a group sought to dominate and oppress the populace. The call goes out once more, as Legion has risen from the ashes of their forebearers. The Knights will ride again, seeking to protect the populace from the domination that the Legion will attempt to bring.


The knights have grown and learned over the years, and have realized that their strength need not only come from their muscles. In ages past they only welcomed a limited number of mages among their ranks. That is now no longer the case.


All who are pure of heart, and those that walk a path of balance between the light and darkness are called to a noble cause.


If you are ready to battle against Tyrants, those who would place themselves above all others. Then pen a scroll to Valor stating your intentions, and a bit about yourself. You will be judged on your ability and willingness to aid those that cannot aid themselves. To protect the innocent, and keep them safe from those that would force their will upon them.


Those who are found worthy, will ride once more as a noble Knight of Valor.


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