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  Outlaw House



Starting as a band of wild and crazy freedom lovers under the freedom-loving auspices of Barsak, God of Freedom, the Outlaws evolved into a partially secret society under the leadership of Kailiel B'Shava, The Godfather, who once guarded the original House. In those days the secretive Xurinos, Great Lord of the Void, watched over them. After the Godfather's band of Outlaws, based somewhat on the Mafia, grew strong enough, they shed their cloaks of secrecy and outright attacked the Enforcers in a campaign to bring freedom to Thera. Many members of the current freedom-fighting house are followers of Utara, Goddess of Mischief, while others regard the teachings of Barsak, God of Freedom, and Thrym, God of Chaos, as the way to base their lives and the way others should live as well. They find themselves at odds with the Empire as well as the Enforcers, for the Empire wishes to rule over the whole of Thera.

The Outlaws remained freedom fighters under Malignus as their immortal leader, until he disappeared. During a rough time in their history, they called upon Xyza, Goddess of Magic, to help them regain a footing in the world. At this time she granted them the freedom of democracy and they elected their mortal leaders. Utara, Goddess of Mischief and Misfortune, took over the Outlaws during this time. The democracy experiment failed, and Utara cleared the House, starting over again with Rellion as mortal leader and returning to the Outlaw of Kailiel's day. Rellion became the Godfather and built the Outlaws from nothing.

Rellion joined the pantheon after breathing his last breath, but not until he and Nigcule won the Tournament Championship the first time it was set up for a two-on-two. Poetic justice: They won the final round against the Enforcers. Recently he has become the Immortal Leader of the House he once ran as a mortal, and describes the House as:

Outlaw, House of organized crime, is one of the few houses that mortals may choose to try and enter. The house is based upon the concept that money and power are the most important things in life. This is achieved through the use of bribery, influence, and when necessary, brute force. Many moons ago, Outlaw fought for freedom, believing that an individuals freedom was worth fighting and even dying for. However, when many of the Outlaws became arrogant and headstrong, infighting soon became rather commonplace within their ranks. Seeing this, the goddess Utara decided it was time for the Outlaws to disband. After this, many of the old Outlaws fled the lands in search of new lives. One Outlaw, however, remained amongst the citizens and was outcast by the very same people he once fought for, his name, Rellion Simayu. Upon seeing the rage pent up inside of this young monk, the goddess Utara summoned him to her chambers, wishing to speak to him of her plans for Outlaw's reformation. Rellion, still holding true to his oath to Outlaw, took charge, assuming the position of Godfather in the soon to be reborn family of Outlaw. In time, the Godfather gained quite the following, as many succumbed to his bribery and influence. Many of them joined the family, submitting to one common goal, profit. Rellion has since ascended to the heavens, assuming his position among the pantheon as the immortal leader of Outlaw. He, along with Lady Utara and the God of Revolution Malignus keep a watchful eye over the family. Within the house, there are many positions of power mortals can hold. Headed up by the all-powerful Godfather, there are also the positions of Chief of Operations, Propaganda Boss, and Head Goon. All of which see to it that the control and flow of all Theran goods and commerce are always under the control of the family. To apply, send a scroll to Outlaw, telling of yourself, your guild and rank, and the path you follow. Keep in mind that Outlaw is primarily for those of neutral or evil alignment, given their fondness for greed and violence. However, some of the light have proven themselves corrupt enough to join. Keep in mind this scroll is your first impression, so be sure to include reasons why the Godfather should even spend his or her time talking to you.

Those who wish to join the freedom fighters should send an application to Outlaw.


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