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  Marauder House



*words can be made out of a tattered poster being moved by a gentle breeze*



There was a group once known as Outlaw. It was given a purpose. It was flexible, however, and grew to fill the niches that were lain before it. In all of its changes it began to forget what it was truly placed in Thera for. Its conflicting goals split it asunder. The Gloved Hand would stand for it no longer and they destroyed Outlaw. It was a calm night when the Outlaws had gathered for a meeting that they struck. Not only did they destroy the House of Outlaw, but they destroyed everything Outlaw had. All for betraying what they were meant for.

The Marauders, as they are called, then disappeared from Thera. They worked together and searched the lands to find new ways of teaching and living within the high Art. For that was the original purpose of Outlaw, to use the Art. Many members traveled far and wide to find the ways of the Art. Many were never heard from again. The ways of the Art are secretive and Marauder will not change such.



What is the high Art? The high Art is made up of various smaller tasks. Some so small that the common observer may not recognize them as being the basic ingredients that will be mixed to create a portrait. The Art is the practice of Crime, True Crime. There are those in Thera who find one way to commit crimes and become petty criminals. They may claim to do it for many reasons, but rarely is it for Crime. Freedom fighters, anarchists, murderers, and common thieves are not wanted or needed in Marauder. Crime has many forms and as such needs many of various talents to be able to properly access all aspects of the Art.



Marauder is a Guild. As a Guild it exists to find new students worthy of being taught the Art. It seeks artists. Those selected will learn wondrous ways of furthering their skills, aiding them in their pursuit of True Crime. It does not seek to destroy the Law. Without the Law how could there be Crime?



You may attempt to seek out Marauder but be wary. If on a job you would be wise to not interrupt them. If you show promise they will find you. If you are worthy they will test you and perhaps even give you a chance, but know this. To those who fail or betray Crime no second chance will be given. Those who do shall be forever hunted by the true Artists.



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