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  Legion/Empire House



In a time of constant bloodshed and unrest, there is need of a world order. The Enforcers of Law seek to provide order in the cities, but more is needed. The Dark Mists is a world of constant conflict, and there has yet to be anyone to assume complete control over them. In the constant struggle for power, a new order has risen. Lead by the Dark Lord of the Abyss himself, the Knights of Legion seek to dominate the people of the mists extending their power and control over all of Thera.

Lord Styx has begun selecting the finest of anti-paladins, clerics, monks, nightwalkers, rangers, thieves, and warriors following the paths of neutrality and shadow to form the Knights of Legion. Within his shadow, these knights are expected to enforce their will upon the people of Thera and destroy all who dare oppose them. Only those who have proven themselves as among the most talented of their trade and merciless in their dominance over others are considered to join the order of Legion. These Knights have their own set of laws which they enforce everywhere in the mists relentlessly. The rule of Enforcer stops at the edge of town. The scope of Legion's rule spans every river, path and mountain of Thera. The other houses are just that, houses. Legion is the one true empire of the Dark Mists, and the Knights of Legion take their place atop Thera and stand above the petty wars waging below them.

Legion seeks to destroy anyone who stands in their way, especially the Knights of Valor, who have pledged to destroy Legion. Such fools they are, these Knights of Valor, attempting to overthrow an empire as dominant as Legion. Thera is a world where only the strongest survive, and as such, only Legion will remain in the end, controlling the world as always.

Legion and Enforcer merged to become the Empire, and with this merger, the Imperial Knights of Legion took on the duties of the Enforcers while at the same time ruling as much of Thera as they could. The Knights of Valor continued to work against them, knowing that this was just a new form of tyranny. A Senate was formed, with an elected official from each of the cities under the Empire's protection, and those Senators passed laws determining the behavior of the Knights within the Empire. As in all politics, much of what went on in the Imperial Senate was corruption and deceit, with greed and power brokering in the forefront of every vote. Eventually, the Empire came to war not only with the House of Valor, but with the House of Crusader, and even the Outlaws. The Genocide Axe played an important role in the fall of the Empire as well, leading to the death of its leaders. The Empire dissolved, breaking back into its original parts, Legion and Enforcer.

The new Knights of Legion attempted to grow in strength. But such was not meant to be, and the Legion dissolved again only to be reborn as a the military outfit known as the Knights of the Dark Covenant. 



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