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The Covenant Knights are a splinter cell of the former Imperial Legion army. While the old army was in power, it was without real purpose or guide; it merely wanted to gain control of the world, but for no real reason other than to rule. This lack of guidance made the troops within it chaotic thugs who fought amongst themselves for trivial possessions and values. One member of this army was a young Legion Mage named Drinlinda N’Gorathille. She joined, believing that under the guise of being a member of this supposedly great army she could fight for the people. She was wrong, and after slaying her superior over the order to execute a widow and her son, she was marked a rebel and hunted down. She hid in a dr’Rhillzznae sleep chamber, unwittingly activating the stored magic in a cold crystal and sleeping for over a thousand years. When she awoke, she found the world different, changed. She forsook her necromantic teachings and pursued the ways of the Anti-Paladin. Believing that the grand army of Legion should be brought under a reign of purpose and knightly dignity, Drinlinda took over, enlisting worthy commanding officers she had worked with before. She then strove to restore the Knighthood to glory through purpose of physical perfection and the strength embodied to its mortal peak. She renamed the army the Knights of the Dark Covenant, Covenant for short, after the agreement that all Knights must be bound to an eternal contract. This agreement followed the goals of a perfectly disciplined army of ‘good’ which expected its members never to withdraw and turn their backs on their leaders. Troops enlisted in the army were to be committed, trained and formed into a true “grand army” of knights. These knights viewed the way of steel and sweat to be more honorable and honest than the ways of pure magic, and so they eschew mages from their ranks though they do not completely forsake it as do the Crusaders of Valor.

This order would be guided by the discipline of true military form, and would embrace the vision of knighthood that Drinlinda had learned from Joja. She applied the merits of honor and strength to the “chivalrous” nature of the organization and trained her troops to be strong, embracing the responsibility of spreading the message of the ‘rightful’ ‘good’. She and her order would become dedicated to ‘enlightening’ the world, unifying it under an eventual common banner of the “enlightenment” that had now become its foundational doctrine.

Covenant Knights strive to prove themselves better than others and therefore hold themselves to very high standards. Knights will rarely, if ever, lose their temper, trick others for personal gain, or assist in actions that are questionable in terms of honor. While a majority of them are beings of darkness, they are forbidden to lie and must be respectable to the populace of Thera and they must obey the laws of the Justicars, whether or not a Justicar is actually around. Knights who do not hold themselves to high moral standards get demoted and eventually court martialed and executed for repeated offenses. This is not to say that Covenant Knights are pushovers or doormats however, for they are rigorously trained and drilled in combat skills that make them very formidable opponents.

The Covenant army is also the most tactically advanced military organization in Thera, using tactics and methods of discipline uncommon to other similar organizations and always striving to improve itself by studying others.


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