The Houses




Ancient (DEFUNCT)
Legion (DEFUNCT)
Arcana (DEFUNCT)

• Brethren (DEFUNCT)

Covenant (DEFUNCT)

Enforcer (DEFUNCT)

Empire (DEFUNCT)

Justicar (DEFUNCT)


Marauder (DEFUNCT)

Outlaw (DEFUNCT)

Syndicate (DEFUNCT)

  Brethren House



Little is known about these mysterious demon summoners. They fight under the orders of the Lords Rungekutta and Rantialen, their purpose shrouded in silence and darkness. Very few are able to submit themselves to this elite group, fewer still are accepted.

Thieves, Clerics, Anti-Paladins, Nightwalkers, Necromancers, and Elemancers are the only to ever be seen among their ranks, but as to the reason this is so, only the Gods know. It is a house of Supreme Evil, a group dedicated to its task, so dedicated that even Death does not touch them.


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