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  Arcana House



A society of the best and brightest among mages, these are the most knowledgeable of their classes. While they consider magic better than physical force, they do not look down upon those of their society whose agility and strength aid them. The ArchMages of Arcana do not go out of their way to kill people. The Lords and Lady look down upon those who give in to the common bloodthirst which is rampant in our society, and those gifted with the powers of the Arcane who do not use this high magic responsibly will find themselves without the power. Do not mistake them for doormats, however. They will take revenge in the most painful of ways. Many mages strive to be ArchMages of Arcana, but few are found worthy enough to join the society. The Tower of Magic was magically moved just before the Great Purge, and later destroyed, and a Library was built, but not anywhere near where it used to be.

This House is Ruled over by the Immortals, Lady Xyza, and by the Lords Rungekutta and Riallus, and by the appointed Mortal Leader(s). There are also three elder ArchMages, the ArchWizards of Light, Balance, and Shadow, who counsel the Mortal Leader(s), train the younger ArchMages, and interview and quest applicants to the House.

Any application for induction should be sent, by messenger, to Arcana. Those who are Good, Neutral, or Evil, between the ranks of 15 and 30, may apply. The only classes accepted as ArchMages are: Clerics, Channelers, Necromancers, Elementalists, Paladins, Anti-Paladins, and Nightwalkers.

Applications should include the applicant's name, rank, class, race, and reason why he/she wishes to join and thinks the House should accept him/her. Once the applicant has been sent off, he/she should look for an ArchWizard, give greeting, ask if the scroll of application has been received, in other words, make contact. Sometimes ArchWizards look for applicants and find none, or enough time has gone by that the ArchWizard has forgotten who is out there wishing to join. A caution: Do not make a pest of yourself to the ArchWizard. They have been known to disqualify people who show a lack of patience.


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