0. Forward
1. Basic Commands
2. The Rules
3. Creating Your Character
  • Stats
  • Class
  • Race
  • Alignment
  • Physical Description
  • Psychological Description
  • Rolling and Hometowns
4. Starting the Game
5. Getting Around
  • Basic Equipment
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Places to Level
6. How to Play Your Class
7. Selecting a MUD Client
8. Tips and Tricks



Hello, and welcome to the Dark Mists online roleplaying game. We are most honored to have you with us, and we hope that your time in the Mists will prove to be fun, exciting and entertaining. We have taken the time to create this New Player Guide which we hope will provide players new and old with information they need to make the most of their characters and the environments that we have created for you to play in.


Be forewarned, no guide or tutorial can ever fully replace experiential learning, so you're greatly encouraged to throw yourself in to the lives of your characters. Explore! Try things!


This guide is arranged according to the New Player process, and includes sections covering logging into the game, creating your character, introducing you to basic commands, as well as exposing you to how to equip your character and start fighting. Veteran players may wish to use this guide as a refresher, and thus will want to consult the Table of Contents for accessing particular information.


I can appreciate the daunting task ahead of you in attempting to learn the nuances of a new game, and the layout of a new world such as this. I urge you to not give into initial periods of frustration. Just like you, and just like anyone who has ever played this game, we were all new once. As well as confused and lost. Steadily, we made friends, we understood our abilities, we took more steps out into the sun, and found a game we have wanted to stick with and have continued to enjoy for many years.


Should you have questions that remain unanswered after having read and searched through this guide, please feel free to use the newbietalk channel to ask your questions of our volunteer helper-players, pray to the Immortals for assistance, or post your question to our forum.


Implementors of Dark Mists,


Xyza, The One True Spell, The Source of All Magic
Xurinos the Scion of Chaos

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