• Changeling
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Size: Medium
Experience Penalty: 300
Possible Alignment(s): Good, Neutral, Evil


Possible Class Types:   Warrior, Thief, Paladin, Anti-Paladin, Channeler, Elementalist

Attributes (Maximum Potential):
Str: Adequate (17), Int: Genius (24), Wis: Enlightened (22),
Dex: Swift (25), Con: Inferior (15)

Inherent Abilities: shapeshift

Bat form: Fly, vulnerable to blunt

Bear form: Resists weapon, vulnerable to cold

Wolf form: Haste, vulnerable to fire

Changelings are a race of humanoids that can change their shape into various forms. They can become bats, wolves, bears or almost any form in the realms. At one time, they could form a third arm and wield a third weapon (trinal wield), but ever since the Black Warlock in the Magic Forest mixed his nasty brew and set a yellow haze all over Thera, changelings have no longer been able to perform such a feat. Before the yellow haze, changelings could not wear anything on their torsos, but since losing the ability to form their third arm, they have discovered that like all others, they too can cover their chests. Their origins are said to come from a song but this is a point that has been hotly debated over the years.

Their high intelligence and wisdom allow them to do well as mages, but their quick reflexes give them an edge in the non-magic classes, They do well as Anti-Paladins, Thieves and Warriors. Slender in frame and thin boned, most changelings in true form are about five feet tall weighing around 120 pounds. While in bat form, they can have a wingspan of up to five feet and are usually black as night, but since they can change shape so readily, colors and size are rather trivial to them. The wolven form is usually one of a large wolf, while some favor a hybrid humanoid-wolven form that gives more flexibility in wielding weapons. This form gives them unmatched speed compared to any other race. Finally, the last shape that they can shift to with little effort, the bear, is the one that changelings discovered gives them the greatest strength but lacks much agility and speed.

Each form of a changeling imparts certain benefits and vulnerabilities. Changelings are a short-lived race, most likely due to the various properties that makes them so unique. Changelings can be found in many walks of life and in any path, being as versatile with their minds as they are with their bodies.




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